In September 2016, members of Team Canada 1972 take part in a four-city tour of Canada, retracing their steps from the first half of the Summit Series.

Beginning in Montreal on the 2nd — exactly 44 years after Game One — the ’72 Summit Series Tour will also appear in front of fans in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Based on an informal, “hot-stove” discussion, audiences will be immersed the team’s locker-room banter, as they share memories of those memorable 27 days in that September to remember; a multimedia display with bring back the sights and sounds of the historic event.

(Anyone who saw the team on stage at October 2014’s “From Legends To Legacy” gala — with MC Rene Robert — will fully appreciate the impact of their show.)

The tour is just part of Team Canada 1972’s “28-8” legacy project, which celebrates the power of teamwork.

After forming their own company more almost four years ago, the team developed three-parts for “28-8” ventures — educational, entertainment and charitable-foundation efforts.

The education element includes work with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame (CSHoF), Brock University and individual school boards, to infuse the Summit Series story into curriculum.

The charitable-foundation side involves partnering with established foundations — such as Niagara Children’s Hospital and CSHoF — to give back to the nation that has honoured the team for more than four decades.

To fund sustainable charitable and educational efforts, the team’s entertainment side is involved in projects like the 2016 tour (developed in partnership with Montreal-based Atmosphere Musique Inc.)